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Sunday, November 28, 2010

At One Month

(2 days late)

At one month, Sam...
... weighs a little over 9 pounds
... has a head full of brown hair and blue eyes
... can barely fit in his newborn sized clothes, but the 0-3 clothes are still a little big on him
... has just recently moved on to size 1 diapers - still using the "newborn" cloth diapers
... enjoys eating (every 2 - 3 hours, longer stretches at night, usually), sleeping, and staring at faces and lights
... sleeps a lot, best when curled up on somebody (second favorite place to sleep is the Rock n' Play Sleeper ). He also makes lots of noises while he sleeps.
... has celebrated his first and second holidays (Halloween and Thanksgiving)
... has gone to two birthday parties (Cousin Logan's 2nd birthday and Cousin Liam's 1st birthday)
... has already had his first babysitter (his Grandma Rush) while Brad and I went to see Harry Potter
... loves to be held in a carrier, his favorites right now are the Moby Wrap and the Balboa Baby Adjustable Sling
... gets a ton of attention whenever we are out and about
... has been mistaken as a girl twice :P
... sleeps right through loud noises, like the dogs barking, the vacuum, the loud tv, etc.
... is getting cuter and cuter every day :)

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  1. So cute!!!! I only know one other Sam that is cuter! Heeeeeeeeeee!!!!