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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Cloth Diapers

I wanted to do a quick post about our cloth diapering experience so far...

Right now we are using newborn size cloth diapers. We are using a few different types. This is called a Kissaluv Size 0. It's supposed to fit babies between 5-15 lbs. These are about $10-13 a piece brand new. The kissaluv diaper needs a cover on it - like this one. This is a Thirsties Wrap Size 1. This cover has snaps that adjust so it can fit babies from 6-18 lbs. These covers are about $13 a piece. We also use prefolds inside this cover, I don't have a picture of it, but you just fold the diaper in thirds and place it inside the cover. Sam is laying on a prefold in the pictures. Prefolds are about $2 a piece. If you are really fancy and lucky you can also use a wool cover with these diapers. Wool diaper covers are nice because they are water resistant but are also breathable so it keeps the babies skin healthy. Wool covers are more expensive - usually at least $25 a piece. My wonderful and talented mom handknit this one. Isn't it cute?

We also have a few other kinds of diapers that Sam is wearing now. This is a Fuzzibunz Perfect Size XS. It fits babies up to 12 lbs. This diaper doesn't need a seperate cover, which makes it a little easier to use. They cost $13 a piece.
This is a Rumparooz Lil Joey. This also fits babies up to 12 lbs and doesn't need a seperate cover. These cost $15 a piece.

These diapers may seem kind of pricey, but there are a few things to keep in mind. 1) These can be reused for multiple babies (The Kissaluvs, prefolds, and Thirsties covers were used by Liam when he was tiny). 2) You can buy diapers that are gently used from many cloth diaper websites, Mom 2 Mom sales, etc. and get a more affordable price. 3) After you are done with the diapers you can sell them to new moms and get some of your money back!
We didn't start cloth diapering until Sam was 2 weeks old. In those first two weeks we went through 2 large boxes of 96 newborn diapers ($20 a piece) and about 3 boxes of wipes ($2 a piece). This doesn't include the diapers and wipes from the hospital.

*These pictures were taken about 2 weeks ago, and by the time I finally got around to making this post he is almost outgrown many of these diapers. We've started to use some of the one-size diapers on him, which I will post about later... Sam is growing too fast - I can't keep up!*

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