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Monday, July 18, 2011

July 17, 2011 - New York

On our last day in New York we woke up and headed  to Times Square to get some discount tickets to a Broadway show. We got tickets to see Billy Elliot.  It was a great show and I'd recommend it.  The dancers were very good, the kid's talents were impressive. 

When we walked out of the show we saw a crowd forming and we realized it was forming around the exit to Chris Rock's Broadway play.  We decided to stick around and see what was going on.  We first saw Bobby Cannavale , we didn't recognize him but apparently he has been on some TV shows, etc.  After he signed some playbills he walked down the street into the city (See second picture, guy in blue hat and shirt).  Finally, Chris Rock came outside.   He stopped to sign some playbills and was even nice enough to sign Mary Jo's "Billy Elliot" one.  :)

After the show we went to walk on the New York High Line.  The High Line is a park made from elevated train tracks that runs for about 2 miles.  You walk up about 3 flights of stairs and enjoy walking through a pretty park above the city.  It is very cool and has beautiful views. 

Our last walk was through the Chelsea Piers along the Hudson River. We took the subway home from there. 

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