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Monday, August 15, 2011

August 15, 2011 - Sam's Favorite Things

 I thought it was time to share some of Sam's favorite things again.... here we go!

 Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Piggy Bank - Sam LOVES this!  It is cute and sings songs and counts.  Sam really enjoys playing with the coins, they are peferct size for him to pick up and bang together.  He has figured out that they need to go to the top of the piggy bank to go in, but can't quite get them through the small slot.  I figure this is a good toy for his fine motor skills. : ) He also loves to open and shut the door.
*I think the Amazon price on this is a little high... I wasn't willing to pay that.  Then I went in a consignment shop, and there it was for $5. *

Leap Frog Alphabet Pal - This toy is really fun for Sam because he drags it along by the string.  When he pulls the string it sings the ABC's.  There are different modes on the caterpillar that you can either hear songs, colors, letters, or even letter sounds. 
 (The letter sounds are funny because if you type them quickly enough you can make it talk to you.. I hit S, A, and M.. and it sounds like it says SAM.  Another funny note, we tried to spell a couple swear words and it won't let you... if you press the letters in that order instead of saying the final sound it says "Hehehe that tickles!" Smart programmers designed this toy.)
* I got this from a Mom 2 Mom sale for $1 *
Leap Frog Learn and Groove Musical Table - This is a really fun table (so fun, Sam is trying to kiss it!).  Sam's been playing with it for a while because you can detach the legs and use it on the floor.  Now we have the legs attached so Sam can pull up on the table and play like that.  
*I got this on a Black Friday deal for $19.* 

There are so many other toys that Sam loves, but these ones are his favorites right now (plus I have pictures of him playing with them!). 

*I linked all the toys to Amazon, because I <3 Amazon... but I got all these toys cheaper other places.  I think Mom 2 Mom sales, consignments shops, etc, are great places to get toys for a good price.*

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