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Saturday, August 27, 2011

August 27, 2011

Today we went over to my parents for dinner with the family.  I took lots of pictures, it was fun trying to get some with all the little boys!

Adorable Baby Andrew

Brothers with Nana

All the boys with Nana!  Yep, she has her hand's full. :)

Playing outside... *The red mittens were traded between the boys to show who was Iron Man*

Trying to gather all the boys with Nana and Papa

Trying to gather for a picture...

 This picture shows Liam (1 1/2 years), Connor (4 1/2 years), Papa (toddler wrangler extrodinare), Logan (2 1/2 years), Sam (10 months), Andrew (3 weeks) and Nana (baby cuddler).
All five grandsons under five years old!

Is anyone interested in trying to get a decent photo of them together??? : )

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