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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sam at 11 months...

At 11 months, Sam...

... is about 17 lbs (I'm guessing!)
... is a very fast crawler, and always keeps up on all fours
... loves to walk with his lion toy, along the couch, along the coffee table, etc... he is getting more daring and will walk with only one hand holding onto the furniture
... has 2 teeth! (his two bottom teeth)
... wears mostly 12 month clothes, although 12 month pants are a bit long on him
... has graduated to size 4 disposable diapers (we still use one size cloth diapers at home)
... loves throwing balls - he'll chase them around the room - he's got a pretty good arm too!
... gives kisses on demand and has started blowing kisses too : )
... likes reading his books
... loves music and loves to dance!
... is a good, but slow eater - it takes about 30 minutes for him to finish a meal, but he likes to feed himself
... likes dumping his toys out of the toy bins, and then puts his toys back in the toy bin...
... likes to sneak and pull a bunch of wipes out of the container without anyone noticing!
... is almost a year old, and we can't believe it!

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