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Saturday, November 26, 2011

November 25, 2011 - Black Friday Shopping

The day after Thanksgiving always brings lots of sales.  I like to go out and shop and get good deals.  This year most stores opened at midnight on Thanksgiving night or even earlier.  Toys R Us opened at 9:00.  My sister and I decided to meet there around 10:30, thinking the crowds would have died down by then.  We were wrong!  There was still a huge line to get into the store at that point - they were only letting small groups in the store at a time.  Anyway, we got in the store after not too long, but were disappointed because the line to check out wrapped around the entire store and up and down every aisle.  We realized we didn't really need anything there, and headed to Walmart.  Walmart was picked over and had huge crowds and lines as well.  Target and Kohls both had lines outside the store also.  We decided we weren't willing to give up our entire night to shop - so we went home empty handed... next year I won't be going to the stores right when they open - it was too crazy!

Before you feel too sad for me, I did get some great deals online:  All the deals came with free shipping also...
Tonka Fire Truck: $16 from Kohls (regular price $40)
Fisher Price Little People Wheelies Ramp $33 from Target (regular price $45)

Shoes $11 from Kohls (regular price $18)

 Santa's Little People $13 from Kohls (Regular price $25)
Sweater: $4 from Target (regular price $18, plus I had a coupon)

Scarf: Free from Target (Regular price $10, on sale for $5, plus I had a coupon)

I was happy with my online purchases, and now I can look forward to everything arriving in the mail!  I did order a few more things online, but they are gifts for people who may or may not be reading this!

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