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Saturday, December 31, 2011

December 31, 2011 - Best of 2011

This past year I have posted a new picture (mostly of Sam) every day.  I've been happy that I've kept up with this blog because I enjoy looking back at how much Sam has changed, and it also helps me remember his milestones, etc (kind of virtual baby book).  In 2012, I don't think I will post a new picture every day - but I will keep up with the blog.  I hope to post a few times a week...
As I was looking over the past year, I came up with the top 10 things that have happened this year (in no particular order)

Top 10 of 2011

Sam turned one!
I visited NYC
Sam started walking and talking
Our extended family grew with the addition of cousin Andrew
Sam started daycare
I survived my first year of working full time and being a mommy
Sam was batman for Halloween with his superhero cousins
Sam took swimming classes
Sam got 5 teeth
We traveled around Michigan - Traverse City, Silver Lake, Ludington

Here are my favorite pictures of 2011

January 2011

February 2011
March 2011

April 2011
May 2011
June 2011

July 2011
August 2011

September 2011
October 2011

November 2011
December 2011

Happy New Year!

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