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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sam Lately

Some cute pictures of Sam...

Sam has been saying a few new words lately... his favorites are still mama, dada, and ball - but now instead of just quietly saying them, he yells them when he deems it appropriate.  As we pull into daycare - pointing at the basketball hoop - BALL! BALL! BaBALL! .... When we pull into the driveway to home - DADA! DADA! DADA!
He also says "uh huh" to almost all questions... even ones he doesn't mean yes to :)  Do you want to get down? "uh huh". I put him down.. MAMA! MAMA! Uhhhhh! (Up!)   
He also says other words like nigh-nigh, bottle, dog, no, mine, bye-bye, football...
He also gives nice hugs, kisses, high fives, and knuckles. :)
 Sam, you are growing up way too fast (17 months tomorrow).

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