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Saturday, April 21, 2012

The One Where I Explain Sam's Weird Habits

So, Sam has a couple strange habits.  I'm posting them on here because I'm sure he'll outgrow these habits, and I want to remember them.

1) He enjoys putting things around his neck like necklaces or scarves.  If he finds something like an unplugged computer mouse or a piece of ribbon or string, he will put it around his neck.  He has also decided that his play bbq tongs belong around his neck.  I don't get it?

2) Sam has an obsession with his belly button.  Mostly when he gets sleepy (but other times too) he will lift his shirt to play with his belly button.  I think it is a comforting thing, but it's still quite strange.  Even funnier, when he has a onesie on (meaning he can't lift up his shirt) he'll try to reach for his belly button through the collar...

In this picture you can see Sam's sleepy eyes and he's trying to reach his belly button from the collar :)

Here he is reaching for his belly button again :)

Oh Sam, you are too funny!

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