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Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Favorites

This is pretty much how Sam looks before he falls asleep every night these days. :)

He has his three favorites that he likes to hold and play with as he falls asleep.  I've tried to change them up at times, or take these out of his crib so he can play with them during the day... but Sam always spots them and throws them back in his crib.

The first is his giraffe blanket.  Sam calls him giraffe (sounds more like raff).  This was one of my first baby gifts I got from a friend when I first found out I was pregnant.

Next, is Sam's baby doll.  Sam calls him baby.  We got Sam this doll for Christmas last year because I thought it was a cute boy doll, and his name is actually Sam (From Stella and Sam books).

The last thing he likes with him in his crib is the book, Baby, Baby! It is a silly book that shows pictures of babies next to an animal that looks similar.  Like a baby with her tongue sticking out, then a cat with it's tongue sticking out.  Sam loves looking at the pictures of the babies and the animals.  This is one that I have tried to put back on the book shelf and Sam won't have it.  I've also tried to see if Sam wants a different book to look at, he throws them out of the crib.  I've given up, and see that it is his favorite. :)

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