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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Impression 5 Museum - 9/12/12

Sam, Brad, Brad's mom, and I went to visit the Impression 5 Museum in Lansing on Sunday.  Sam had so  much fun!  I took a million pictures; here are a few. :)

Playing with the crane.

Sam playing the the "first impression room" meant for little kids.  They have very cool toys and play structures in there.

Sam feeding the baby :)

Playing with the smart board.

They even have a water area for the little ones!

Out in the museum Sam has fun building!

Oh, Brad had fun building too.  Maybe more fun than Sam.

How fast can you throw?

Making music!


Trying the pulley.

It was very fun, and Sam liked all the parts of the museum.  You can see Sam's first visit to the museum here.  Sam can reach the water table much easier now! :)

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