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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Car Rides with Sam

Sam is such a chatterbox these days... it doesn't change in the car either.  Here's a recap of our conversation on the way home from daycare. :)
Me:  Did you have fun at daycare today?
Sam: Uh huh! Oh yes!
Me: What did you do?
Sam: Run!
Me: What else?
Sam: Ball... Me... Run... Easton
Me:  Did you run and play ball with Easton?
Sam: Uh huh! Oh yes! Run! Sam Run!
Me: Who else did you play with?
Sam: Jacob, Noah, Jack... (continues to list everyone)
Me: What did you have for breakfast?
Sam: Ummm... chicken nuggets
Me: Chicken nuggets for breakfast?
Sam: Uh huh! Oh yes!
Me:  Did you eat them all?
Sam:  Uh huh! Oh yes!
Sam: OH! Big truck!
Me: Did you see that big truck?
Sam: Uh huh! Oh yes! Again?  Another one? OH! Another big truck!
Me: Yes, there's another big truck
Sam: Oh! Bus! Car! WOW!
Me: Do you want to listen to music?
Sam: Uh huh! Oh yes! Spider! Spider!
Me:  How about mama's music?
Sam: uhhh.... no... spider!
Then I turn on his music and he continues to narrate.... the whole way home :)

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