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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Updates on Sam - 22 Months

Sam is quickly approaching TWO!  Here are some of his current favorites/milestones:
Sam talks a lot.. he can repeat most words and says a few short sentences like,  "What you doing?" "There it is!", and his favorite "All done night night"
He likes to do many things on his own, like walk beside the stroller, climb up on chairs, go up the stairs, etc.... he'll say Mine, or me to tell us he wants to do it himself.
Sam can say and identify lots of letters.  His favorites to find are S, A, and M. :)
He's a Spartan fan already and yells out Spartan! whenever he sees the logo.
Sam's favorite things are still balls, Elmo and super heroes.  He loves to throw, kick, shoot baskets, etc... he probably plays with balls for at least a couple hours each day, probably much more.
Sam loves to eat, but is still a little peanut.  He asks for pancakes and hot dogs at every meal.
He still loves to cuddle and occasionally naps while being held.  He loves giving hugs and kisses to us, and gives high fives and knuckles to his friends. :)

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