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Monday, November 12, 2012

2 Year Photos.. and Sam Speaks

We got Sam's 2 year photos taken last weekend and got a preview of a few of the photos...  I included two of my favorites in this post.  The rest of the preview can be seen here:

I also wanted to share some of the things Sam has been saying lately, partly because he cracks me up and partly because I want to remember when he started talking more and more.
Things Sam says:
"Me do it" (
"Love you Star Wars Football"
"Spiderman in Batman's house??"
"Happy Halloween song on" (he's obsessed with the Mickey's Halloween song and doesn't understand that Halloween is over and I don't want to listen to that anymore!)
"Oh! Joker guy!" (Or Iron Man guy, Wolverine guy, Lizard guy, etc)
"Here we go!"
And his longest sentence to date (I think):
"Dada, help me dump it out"
(Asking Brad to help him dump out all the toys he had stuffed into a pair of my shoes)

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