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Saturday, January 19, 2013

The One Where Sam Takes Gymnastics

Today was Sam's first gymnastics class.  It was at the MAC, and specifically set up for toddlers 18 months to 3 years old.  It started with "circle time" and stretches.  Sam didn't want to do anything the teacher asked.... nice (I hope this is not a preview of his school days).

Then, we played with the parachute.  Sam didn't really care for this either and kept walking away.  He was still warming up to the group, and was eyeing all the trampolines and other mats that looked great for jumping. He finally was excited about the parachute as it was getting put away (of course).

Then, the kids went through different stations to try different skills.   This part Sam finally enjoyed.  He was able to try all the different equipment and jump and run around as he pleased.
 Sam tried to do a somersault.

Nice form, huh?

He walked along the balance beams, both low to the ground and high up.

More somersaults and jumping around on the mats.

We tried a cartwheel.

This was the tall mat that Sam loved jumping off of... The first few times he held my hands, but finally he tried it on his own.

"I jump all by myself?!"

"I really jump all by myself, mama?!?!"

He was excited and nervous to jump on his own, but he finally did it!

He swung on the bars, too.  He was supposed to knock the bean bag off the bar.

He also jumped on the trampoline and they had a blow up structure that he ran on.  Overall, he liked trying all the different equipment but was a little hesitant at times.  We have six more weeks of class, so I'm excited to see how he does next week!  

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