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Monday, May 27, 2013

Don't Forget

Sam has been saying some of the funniest/cutest things lately...  Some of them include:

  • Calling himself by the name of the Superhero shirt he is wearing, Brad too.... Sam defaults since I don't have any superhero shirts and calls me Wonder Woman
  • Telling us "Good job" or that he is "Proud of us" when we eat our food or go to the bathroom
  • After someone coughs or sneezes he says "Bless you" and then asks if they are okay... and he will keep asking you until you answer.
  • He also makes sure to tell everyone he is okay if he coughs, sneezes, or falls down, "Don't worry, I'm okay!"
  • "Guys! I'll be right back!" when he leaves the room to grab a different toy
  • At bed time he likes me to rock him for a little bit, and if I try to put him into his crib before rocking he'll say "Not yet, I'm not ready."
  • Also at bed time I rub his back while he lays down, he also likes me to rub his hair and his head, if I start leaving the room before a sufficient back rub, he'll call for me saying, "Don't forget! Don't forget my back (or my hair, depending)."

Don't worry Sam, I won't forget :)

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