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Friday, July 19, 2013

Baby 2.0 is a ...

 (no idea why the video is HUGE, but oh well)
Sam helped us announce the news of his little brother-to-be by biting into a cupcake with blue frosting inside!  I used the Betty Crocker Fun Da Middle box mix and dyed the filling blue (I actually made two batches the night before, 1 pink, 1 blue).  Everyone is very excited about another little boy joining the family!  This is boy #6 on the Carlson side, and boy #3 on the Rush side. 
We had the ultrasound appointment on June 21st, and although it took the ultrasound tech a couple tries, she told us we're having a beautiful baby boy!  The doctor looked closely at all the measurements and told us the baby looks "perfect" and is measuring in the 51st percentile.  He is already adorable!
We had our families over to announce the news and celebrate!

My belly at 21 weeks :)
Sam loves his baby brother! Giving him a hug!

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