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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Christmas Time Happenings

We have already been having lots of fun preparing for Christmas.  Sam is excited that Buddy the Elf has come to stay with us until Christmas.  Sam had a hard time naming him and went between Batman, Superman, Buddy, and Chippy (the elf from An Elf's Story movie).  He finally decided on Buddy.

Buddy brought us a gingerbread house to make from the North Pole.  He must have dropped it along the way because the two roof portions were split in half.  Oh well... the frosting saved it. 

Sam had fun adding all the candy to the house.  We may have eaten quite a bit before it made it onto the house.  It looks exactly like the one on the box. ;-)

Then we decided to make salt dough ornaments for the tree.  They are very easy to make (1 cup salt, mixed with about 2 cups of flour and 1 cup of water... or until it makes a dough and is not sticky).

We rolled out the dough and used cookie cutters to make ornament shapes.  We also made an ornament with Sam's hand-print and Luke's foot-print.  Make sure you put holes in them if you are planning to make ornaments (we used a straw to make the holes).

We baked them in the oven at 200 degrees for close to an hour (until they weren't soft anymore).  We let them cool, and then painted them.

Gorgeous, huh?!  They aren't perfect, but Sam had fun making them and is excited to give them out as gifts.  We just need to add string and they will be finished.

These look nothing like the adorable ornaments found on pinterest.  But hey, this is our real attempt... pin away :)

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