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Sunday, December 8, 2013

St. Nicholas Day - Rachel and Brad's Birthday Celebration

On Friday we got together with my family on St. Nicholas Day to celebrate Rachel and Brad's December birthdays. 

Connor and Liam got a chance to meet Luke.

The oldest cousin, Connor, holding the youngest cousin, Luke.  (Almost 7 years apart)

We ate dinner and cupcakes and the boys played.  Then, we did some Christmas crafts. The boys each made an ornament by filling a clear plastic ornament with a variety of Christmas goodies (snow, pine cones, pom-poms, etc.). Then they decorated snowflakes made out of popsicle sticks.  Finally, the boys decorated ice cream cones to look like Christmas trees. 

Frosting and candy?! Yes, please. 

Baby Luke is looking forward to participating next year. :)

We were over at my parents house pretty late, so we changed into pjs before heading home.  The boys all wanted to play on the iphone.

My mom made all the boys Ninja Turtle hats as a St. Nicholas day present.  It's so hard to take a decent picture of all the boys... but we attempted.

A couple close ups of Sam's Ninja Turtle hat.  

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