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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Visit with Santa

Today we went to visit Santa at the Peacock Road Tree Farm.  We went there last year too.  It was fun, but more crowded than last year... and cold and snowy.  Perfect for the North Pole.

Sam prepared by writing a letter to Santa and was very excited during the car ride and wait to see him.

Then, it was Sam's turn:

He was nervous, but gave Santa his letter.  He didn't like sitting on Santa's lap, and didn't want to talk to him.  Santa still gave him a candy cane and a bell.

So Luke and Sam traded places.  Luke didn't mind sitting on Santa's lap. :)

Santa was very nice and knew Sam wanted a Batman for Christmas (even though Sam got shy and didn't say it).  He gave Santa a high-five before we left.

We went outside to get some marshmallows and hot chocolate.  Sam climbed in Santa's sleigh before we rode the train back. 

It was a fun visit to see Santa!

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