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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Luke at 3 Months...

At 3 months, Luke...
... weighs about 14 lbs
... can still fit into most 0-3 months clothes, but more comfortably fits in 3-6 month sizes
... is finishing his last box of size 1 diapers, size 2 here we come! (fits in the smallest setting of one-size cloth diapers)
... loves to smile and laugh
... is a great sleeper at night and will sleep for 8-9 hour stretches at night (fingers crossed that this continues!)
... still sleeps in the rock n' play in our room (I'm avoiding moving him into his crib in fear that it may change his sleep habits. If it's not broke...)
... naps randomly throughout the day
... takes a bottle just fine, we are using the playtex drop in bottles
... loves watching toys and will occasionally hold on to them
... survived the Polar Vortex (we had multiple days of -20ish temperatures)
... has started spending the weekdays with either my mom or Brad's mom while we are at work
... loves being held and bounced (the exercise ball puts him right to sleep)
... sleeps through most car rides
... loves his brother so much!
... is planning his Olympic career as we watch the winter Olympics 
... has found his hands and chews and sucks on them quite often
... will occasionally use a pacifier (soothie, gumdrop or mam brand)
... spends his free time watching netflix shows with me
... brings us so much happiness every day!

Just for comparison: Sam at 3 Months

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