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Sunday, March 9, 2014

A Month of Working..

I've been back to work a month now... and I miss my babies like crazy. :)

Luke is growing so fast... cooing, laughing, grabbing.

He is still a good sleeper at night, but also still sleeping in our room.  We've decided we'll move him into his crib when it gets a little warmer out.  This winter has been so cold and the rooms in the front of the house get super cold at night.  Sam has a heater in his room, we have a heater in our room... so we figured it would be easier at this point to just wait a bit to put Luke in his own room.

Sam has been happy to get back to daycare.  He likes playing with his friends, but does sometimes get sad because he wants Luke there with him.  Sam is officially only wearing a pull-up at night time - he stays dry during naps.  He will be going to preschool 3 days a week next year and has been excited talking about it and getting ready for "school."  (I am terrified.  Not for Sam, just for the fact that he is old enough for preschool, and soon after that comes kindergarten, and then he'll be moving out and off to college before I know it..)

Love these boys <3

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