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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Elsa the Super Hero

I know Sam is not the only toddler obsessed with Disney's Frozen right now.  He loves the movie, the songs, the characters... everything about it, he loves.

Bundled up to watch Frozen

This movie has been a welcome addition to Sam's love of super heroes and I was glad to see him branching out.  

He loves the character of Elsa the most... then he told me why: 

"I love Elsa's cape!"

Of course, to Sam, Elsa is a super hero. She wears a cape and has special powers. 
She's forced to keep her powers secret, because she's scared of hurting those close to her.
But don't forget Elsa, "With great power, comes great responsibility." She must save her town from the eternal winter.

I know Disney says Frozen is based loosely off the Snow Queen, but I'm seeing more connections to Spider-Man. :)   

Frozen has super heroes and catchy songs. Sam is in heaven.

Luke likes the songs too!

Sam saving his guys from Elsa's snow!

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