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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Brothers Update

These boys...

They are going to be trouble : )

Every morning without fail, Sam wakes up, gets himself dressed and runs into our room to see if Luke is awake yet (Luke is sleeping in his crib, but is usually up before Sam).  When Sam sees he's awake, he insists on hugging, kissing, and tickling him.  I always think it's a little rough. I tell Sam to be nice, and be gentle... and then there's Luke shrieking with delight. And then Sam insists, "He likes it!!"  

These two always make each other smile.

Sam likes to put on a show for Luke and be as goofy as possible.  Sam will do something that most don't find funny, Luke will crack up.  Luke will start jabbering away, Sam will join right in.  It's like they have their own inside jokes already.

I just got a double jogging stroller, they love being beside each other. Sam asks to get in the pack and play or crib to sit with Luke, and likes to be near him.  He's already asking if Luke can sleep in his room with him.

I'm curious to see how their bond will change over the years.  I know there will be fighting and arguing, but I hope they will always be best friends.  They already keep me busy, they have a lot of energy and I can't imagine what it will be like in a few years.

For now, I'm going to keep enjoying the days when they are little.  And sneak in a nap when I can. : )

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