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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Christmas 2014

(I'm debating changing the name of this blog to "Better Late Than Never". Ha. I am finally getting around to sharing Christmas pictures.  Sorry that some of these are out of order and random, this is my attempt to blog about the entire month of December in one post.)

Christmas season started with a visit to Santa.  Luke had his one year check up appointment, so I took the day off work.  We were in Howell for the appointment, so then just went a little further to Twelve Oaks mall to see Santa and the "Frozen" themed ice village.

Sam loved seeing Santa and the Frozen things (I thought it was a little over-rated, and will head to Peacock Road Tree Farm again next year).  Luke was terrified of Santa.

Sam asked for a Batman Robot for himself and thought Luke might like a train.

We celebrated Rachel and Brad's December birthdays at my parents with some Christmas themed activities for the boys.  

Chippy the elf came to stay at our house for the season.  Sam loved it and was excited to see where he landed each day.

Sam had a Christmas party at preschool.  I was able to take a half day and go to the party with him.

The boys had lots of cookies through the season (and Sam loved the candy canes).

We celebrated Christmas with my family on Christmas Eve.  Then we went to church, Sam stood up front during the "pageant" and dressed up like a cow (after first trying many other options).

Christmas morning was spent at home.  Sam was thrilled he got his Batman Robot from Santa.

Luke will put anything in his mouth, even candy canes wrapped in plastic still.

Luke was known as the ornament stealer this season.  He loved pulling the ornaments off the tree and would run away laughing.  The bottom portion of our tree became empty quickly.

We had fun playing outside.  It was a fairly mild December, not much snow at all.

More fun eating cookies.  I'm surprised there were any left for Santa.

More fun on Christmas morning...

We celebrated with Brad's family on the afternoon of Christmas.  Brad was sick a few days before Christmas, and on Christmas day..but managed to leave the house to go to his parents for a few hours.
It seems someone in our house is always sick on a holiday. Ugh.

Afterward, we headed to the church to celebrated with my extended family at the Church potluck.

Merry Christmas!  I hope everyone had a fun holiday!

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