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Friday, February 24, 2012

The one where I brag about Sam...

Sam is growing up so quickly!  He does new things everyday and surprises us with how smart he is.
Some of the things he can do now:
- Put his toys away in the right places
- Goes to the fridge and says "baba" when he wants his bottle
- Point to things and says something like "Da ba?" and waits for us to identify hem
- He points to mama, dada, Apollo, Luna, and his friends at daycare on command
- Takes his dishes to the sink, and loves to throw things in the trash
-Points to his hair, belly, toes, feet, nose, and teeth
- Says a few words: His favorites are still ball, bottle, and no, mine - oh and mama and dada!  He also occasionally says "baball" for basketball, "bir" for bird
- He doesn't say yes, but he understands questions, and when the answer is yes, he giggles :)

Sam loves penguins :)  We've been teaching him bird and he collects all of his bird toys together.  He does have quite a few penguins he can collect...

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