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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Great Lakes Crossing

We decided to do something different last weekend and took a trip to Great Lakes Crossing Mall.  We stopped in Rainforest Cafe first.  Sam loved looking around at the animals and toys.  It was  really busy so we didn't eat there. 

 There was also a lot to look at in the Outdoor World store.  They have fish in the middle of the store and Sam liked looking at the fake animals too...
 We went in the Nike store and Sam freaked out when he saw a display full of footballs and basketballs.  He was pointing and shouting, "Ball! Ball! Ball! Mine! Mine!" I let Sam look at one and was pretty sure we were going to have to buy it to avoid a screaming melt down, but we were able to distract him and sneak the ball back to its display without buying it this time.  Sorry Sam, but we have plenty at home!

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