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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Friday Favorites 7/20/12

This week Sam has been enjoying puzzles.  Most of his puzzles have under 10 pieces and he is able to do them with little or no help.  We recently got out this alphabet puzzle, which I think is pretty hard.  Sam needs help to finish it, but he can do it!  He's memorized some of the pieces and always puts them in the right spaces.  He picks up the G and says "grapes!" and the Q and says "bird!" (it's actually a quail).  It's amazing how fast toddlers learn new things.   This puzzle is from Target.

Sam loves going to the library.  We usually go once a week and pick out some new books (and videos). 

Another one of Sam's favorite books is Toes, Ears and Nose.  Sam likes lifting all the flaps and finding all the body parts.  We read this once at least 5 times each day. :)

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