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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Rotating Toys

Our living room was getting quite crowded and beginning to resemble a toy store... so after seeing an idea on Pinterest (of course!) I decided to separate Sam's toys and rotate them.  I got 4 bins and separated his toys so there is a nice variety in each. 
They are stored in the basement:

 Once or twice a week we switch bins so Sam gets a new variety of toys to play with.

New toys!:

Some toys still stay out all the time; books, puzzles, blocks, balls... but the rest are rotated.  It feels like we get new toys every week!  And it helps us keep track of the little pieces better.

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  1. Rotating toy is something we used to do at the daycare I worked at and it worked wonderfully. The kids always thought we had cool new toys to play with. I rotate what toys my son has in the living room and this seems to help as well. I just bring out a few sets of toys at a time, so he can actually play with them instead of just scattering them all over the place.