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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Upcoming Disney Trip

In a couple months Brad, Sam and I are headed to Disney World!  Eric, Carrie, Logan and Andrew are going too!  We are super excited, and I wanted to share some of our plans.  I mostly use this blog to keep track of important events and milestones for Sam, and this trip will be our first 'big' family vacation.  I also think it might be interesting/funny to look back on this when Sam is older and see how things have changed (including prices!) If you have no interest in Disney, skip this post. :) 


Our package include 5 nights in a hotel, 2 days of park passes, 5 days of the dining plan, and transportation to and from the airport (and the parks/restuarants) (Total: a tiny bit over $1,000)

Pop Century Resort. Top 10 Biggest Hotels in the world

Parks:  We are going to Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom

Meal Plan: Dining Meal Plan - We booked our trip during Disney's free dining dates.  Since we are staying in a Value resort, the quick service meal plan (i.e. fast food type) was included.  We paid a little extra to upgrade to the next meal plan.  We will get 1 'table service' meal, 1 'quick service' meal, and 1 'snack' each day. 
We already made reservations for our table service meals.  Apparently they fill up quickly, and we Carrie made reservations 6 months in advance (This Disney stuff is crazy! Thanks for making the reservations, Carrie!).
Table Service Restaurants: (These are all included in the free dining plan) We are going to two character meals, which I'm excited about.  The other restaurants look great too!

Tusker House 


Whispering Canyon

Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace

Flight: The flight is not included in the package.  We are flying with Delta.  We were lucky and had some credit card points saved up, and ended up paying $130 total for our tickets.

Extras: We are going to be paying extra to go to Universal Studios for one day.  We can't pass up the chance to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and the special Spider Man stuff.

We're really excited and can't wait to go!

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