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Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day 2012

This year we celebrated Christmas with Brad's family on Christmas Eve. Sam enjoyed wearing his Santa hat and passing out gifts to everyone.

Sam, and Brad and I, got some awesome gifts.  Sam even got a trampoline to jump on...or sleep on. :)

We also had a nice lunch and had fun visiting.
That evening, we went to church.  Sam participated in the impromptu Christmas Pageant.  He was a sheep, although he didn't wear his costume longer than a minute.  Do you see him sitting in the middle?  He's right next to his big cousin, Michael.  Logan, Connor, and Liam were up there, too.
Photo "stolen" from facebook :)  I didn't take any pictures...oops
Before bed, we left out cookies and milk for Santa.  Sam may have enjoyed a cookie for himself.

Santa came that night and brought Sam lots of goodies.  Sam's request from Santa was a "scary guy" (Darth Vader) football.  It came wrapped in Star Wars paper with a special note to Sam.

Sam woke up around 7:30 on Christmas morning.  We came downstairs around 8 and opened gifts.

Sam got lots of fun stuff...

Sam got dressed in his new Captain America sweatshirt and we got ready to go to my parents house.

Sam had fun running around with his cousins, opening more great gifts, and eating.

Look out world!  Sam got a camera!

Santa Claus made an appearance too!

The little boys took over the table.

Cousin Ellen gave the boys slinkys and whoopie cushions, which were a big hit!

Sam feeding his Elmo doll a cookie.

We ended the evening at my aunt Carol's house for dinner.  The cousins played more over there and ended with a dance party. :)

Merry Christmas!

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  1. Awh, looks like you had a great time! Sam's such a cutie, & you've captured some great moments! I love reading about other people's Christmases! Xxz