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Friday, December 28, 2012

Top 5 Christmas 2012 Sam Moments

This was our Christmas card this year

Top 5 Christmas Season "Samisms"
5.  Sam loves Christmas lights, and liked to state who put them up when we see them.  All of the ones in our neighborhood were put up by dada.  Anything close to Papa and Nana's house was put up by them, etc.  When we went to Potter Park Zoo, all the lights were put up by either Papa or Nana.  We have all been very busy this year.
4.   Sam adding "Christmas" to everything he talks about.  "Spider-Man Christmas"  "Christmas Shoes"  "Christmas hat" etc...
3.  Sam demanding "More Jingle Bells" every time we got in the car to go anywhere.
2.  When asked what Sam wanted Santa to bring him, he responded each time with "Scary Guy Football"  (Which means Darth Vader Football, which doesn't exist.  Great.  A black nerf football did the trick.)
1.  On December 23rd, we were at a toy store.  Sam noticed a baby in the store.  I said "Oh, did you wave to the baby?"  Sam responded "Hi Baby Jesus!"
 oh and here are some cute pictures of Sam over the years :)

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