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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Literacy Celebration

The Early Childhood Literacy Coalition put on a "Literacy Celebration" last weekend.  We decided to check it out! We got a free book and tote bag, and tons of early literacy handouts.

Sam spotted some of his favorite characters right away!  

Meeting Clifford:  Sam was excited to go up and give Clifford a high-five all by himself.  He later went back to Clifford to give him a book mark and a hug.

Meeting Curious George:  Sam showed Curious George the monkey on his shirt.  He also gave Curious George a high-five and later a hug.

Olivia the Pig, Pete the Cat, and Maisy the Mouse were also there.  Sam met Pete the Cat too, but had no interest in Olivia or Maisy.
They had a bunch of tents, toys and crafts set up for the kids.

Sam made Maisy ears.

They also had a story-teller and a singer.  Sam was reading his book while we waited for the show to start.

We didn't stay for the whole show since the whole event was scheduled at Sam's nap time and he was struggling to keep his eyes open.  It was lots of fun though.  Happy Reading Month!

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