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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sam's Costume

The other day, I went to Sam's daycare to pick him up and found him like this:
They were playing dress up, and Sam found the Toy Story Woody costume. 
He then refused to take it off all day. 
I laughed.
Sally from daycare said we could borrow it that night to show Brad.
We got home and showed Brad.
He laughed.
Then, Sam refused to take it off at home, too.
He insisted he was Woody, too.
"Look mom, there are two of us!" 
Finally, he took it off to get in the bath. 
I hid the costume downstairs, and Sam seemed to forget.

Until the next morning,
Sam insisted the costume went back on.
I decided it wouldn't do any harm, so back on the costume went.
He wore it all day again.
This time at bath time, I hid the costume in a bag.
I returned it to Sally in a bag so Sam couldn't see it.
Playing dress up is fine, but please don't wear a Woody costume for more than two days straight. :)

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