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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Cincinnati Trip (Cincinnati Zoo - Day 1)

Last week we went to Cincinnati for a little vacation with the family.  My parents, sister's family, and brother's family all went.

The trip started with some bed jumping!

Sam did pretty well sleeping in his pack n play at night.  He woke up pretty early each morning, but then slept in more in the bed.

 On our first day we went to the Cincinnati Zoo. It was a nice zoo, but it was a very hot day.

Sam liked all the animals, his favorites were the giraffes, penguins, and cheetahs (they had an encounter show  so we got to see them run).

There were lots of things for the kids like a playground, animals to pet, a train to ride, etc.

Here is a picture with all the cousins (Andrew, Logan, Liam, Connor, and Sam)

Poor, sweaty boy at the zoo ... still having a good time though!

Crashed on the way out...

After the zoo we went to IKEA for dinner and shopping (kids eat free on Tuesday!)

Then, we stopped by Target before heading back to the hotel.

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