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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Cincinnati Trip (Newport Aquarium - Day 2)

On Wednesday, we headed to the Newport Aquarium which is right across the bridge in Kentucky.  Right when the aquarium opens they bring a couple penguins outside and a penguin "mascot" is there too.  Sam thought that was pretty funny.

Sam loved the aquarium... there were many exhibits down at his level so he could see, it was inside and air conditioned, and not very crowded in the morning.

Sam was reading the map...

Brad and I bought an extra "experience" ticket to meet the penguins.  We went behind the scenes to the penguin house and got to pet the penguins and watch them up close and personal.  For a few minutes a penguin came over and was chewing on my shoelaces and then laid down on my foot.  It was an extra cost, but worth it if you like penguins. :)

Sam had fun running around outside the aquarium too. 

Again, Sam really enjoyed the aquarium.  He got to touch a few things (including a shark!), played in the frog bog area, saw lots of cool animals and fish, and saw the sharks being fed.

After the aquarium we drove around Cincinnati a little bit to see our old church and house and headed back to the hotel for pizza and swimming,

Silly fish face Sam!

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