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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Cincinnati Trip (Day 3 and 4 - Shopping and Museums)

On Thursday most of the group headed to King's Island.  Sam, my parents, and I decided not to go and spent the day shopping.

Friday we went to the Museum Center and spent time in the Natural History Museum, Children's Museum, and saw the omnimax dinosaur movie. 

Sam loved exploring the cave at the Natural History Museum (he kept calling it the bat cave!) 

We decided to see the omnimax movie because it was only a few extra dollars per ticket, and Sam was free.  Sam did not like the movie and said it was too loud, so he spent his time cuddling with me with his eyes closed.  But he was quiet through the movie, and kept saying he was okay, so we stayed and watched it.

Sam liked the Children's Museum a lot.  There was a ton of stuff for him to do and he loved all of it.

Overall, it was a fun day and a great trip!  We headed home after the museums.

Sam had a wonderful time, but he was exhausted!

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