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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Kensington Splash Pad

Last week, Sam and I met some friends at the Splash Pad at Kensington.  
The Splash Pad has a large area full of water sprayers and fountains and two water slides.  There is an extra fee for the Splash Pad in addition to the $5 Kensington entry fee.  It is $5 per adult, and $4 per child over age 2.  It was fun, but a little expensive for 2 year olds.

 The kids were too little for the water slides and some of the water sprayers were a little intense.  It worked out nicely because we found a smaller fountain and the kids liked filling their buckets underneath it and running around it without getting completely soaked.  We were able to pull up some lounge chairs close to the sprayers and relax a little bit. :)

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