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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Baby #2 Update

26 weeks belly picture:

(Sam wanted a picture of his belly too, he's kind of blocking mine.  Oh well.)

 This pregnancy has been fairly similar to my first, very little morning sickness (just a tiny bit more this time). I felt nauseous most evenings during my first trimester and into the second.  But now I have been feeling fine. I've been trying to stay active, but I do get tired much quicker now and my feet start hurting if I walk/stand too much.

I've made a list of my Top 5 Pregnancy Must-Haves (in no particular order)

Gummy Prenatal Vitamins:  Doctors now recommend you take a prenatal vitamin plus a DHA supplement.  The regular pills tasted like tanning lotion to me, and I struggled to take them each day without feeling sick.  Then I found the Gummy Vitamins!  They have the recommended DHA and folic acid etc. etc. and don't taste horrible.  They are actually kinda good.

The Belly Book:  This is a scrapbook type book that lets you record information about your pregnancy.  I used one with Sam and like being able to look back and compare the pregnancies.  I didn't buy a new copy for this pregnancy, but have been adding in details for pregnancy #2.

Smart Phone:  I've been using my smart phone for different reasons throughout my pregnancy.  First, there's fun little pregnancy apps that give me information or help me remember how far along I am (it's hard to remember with #2). Next, it helps me keep track of my doctor's appointments.  Last, and probably most importantly it keeps me busy while I wait and wait and wait at the doctor's office.  I like having a smart phone so I can play Words with Friends, or check Facebook or Instagram while I am waiting.
Angel Sounds Doppler: For around $30, I got a fetal doppler that lets me hear the baby's heartbeat anytime I want (after 11 weeks or so).  If I haven't felt the baby move in a while, I can check up on him.  It's nice to have a little piece of mind.  Sam and Brad can also listen because there is a spot for two headphone sets. You do need ultrasound type gel to make this work.  There are more advanced dopplers out there to buy and rent, but this one works just fine for me.  It is fairly new (I think...) and technology will probably just keep advancing and becoming more affordable.

Birthday Cake Oreos: If you haven't tried these, you are missing out.  I linked to the amazon page, but I don't actually buy my cookies from amazon.... But I've only found them at Walmart.  They are delicious. (I lied, I said these were in no particular order, but these have been my #1 Pregnancy Must-Have)

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