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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Sam's 1st Movie: Monster's University

Sam loves watching Monster's Inc. at home, so when I saw they were coming out with a prequel Monster's University this summer, I thought it might be perfect timing for Sam's first movie theater experience.

Sam was super excited when I told him where we were going:

We went to an early show because I thought Sam would do better, and also the tickets are only $4.75 before noon.  They also offer free popcorn on Tuesdays, which is awesome.

I was a little worried at first, Sam did not like all the loud previews and the different ways they show off the loud speakers.  Luckily a preview for the new Lego Movie came on, and Sam was interested in that.  Next, Monster's Anniversary (as Sam calls it) came on, and Sam loved it.

There were a few "scary" moments but Sam was fine. (He was sitting on my lap the entire time, which was not the most comfortable thing for me, but oh well.)  He thought it was funny and was able to sit quietly through the whole movie.

We stopped by to see the big movie poster on the way out:

Sam gives Monster's University two thumbs up!

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