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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Sam's Big Break, Brilliant Sky Commercial

A couple week's ago my cousin, Ellen, told me they were filming a commercial at the toy store where she works. They were looking to fill the store with kids to use in the commercial. Sam and I decided to go (along with his cousins) to support the toy store and maybe get in the commercial.

The kids had fun playing in the store and the crew filmed them playing with different toys in different areas of the store. The crew got close ups of different kids with specific tasks. They asked Sam to play with the animal figurines and talk with one of the store employees. Sam didn't pay attention to the crew, but enjoyed the individual attention and talked about all the animals with the nice employee.

The final commercial came out the other day:


It turned out cute. Logan and Ellen are also featured in the commercial (train table and wrapping a gift). I laughed when I saw the clip ended up being the back of Sam's head talking with the employee (around 15 seconds in if you missed it). It didn't surprise me, because again, Sam never stopped talking to her and was looking at her the whole time. Of course they didn't have a shot of his face. Oh well. It reminded me of Mike Wazowski in Monster's Inc. when he gets covered up with the label in the TV commercial:


 Mike Wazowski was still so proud of his commercial, and so is Sam. I showed it to Sam and right when he showed up he yelled "Look, it's me! It's me!" He wanted to watch it a few times (pointing out Logan and Ellen too). He doesn't mind one bit that it's only the back of his head, he recognized himself anyway. It was a fun experience and I'm sure Sam will like seeing this when he is older too.

 We're going to keep working on his audition tape before we move to Hollywood. :)

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