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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Sam's Runaway Imagination

Lately Sam has had quite the imagination.  He has always loved playing with his toys (his "guys", cars, balls and blocks are his favorite), but in the past month or so his playing has changed a bit.  He now comes up with more elaborate stories and has his "guys" act them out, or he'll set up a road for his cars and tell a story as they are driving along.  

He has his guys talk to each other and have conversations, he feeds them meals, puts them to bed, etc. etc.  He'll copy things he's heard or seen us do, or copies things from movies.  "Let's go walk the dogs," "We're making dinner," or "It's time for everyone to do their exercises!"  "We're cleaning up the house." (Sometimes I don't know where he gets the ideas from. :)

He also likes to run around the house, playing with nothing except his imagination.  He will play doctor, and "going to work", and chasing monsters and bad guys.  We hear "Guys! Come quick!  The monster is coming!" multiple times a day.  I've also heard he leads games like this at daycare. 

Yesterday, he came running in the room, "Mom!  Joker is attacking me!"  I went with him to help get rid of the Joker.  "No, Mom! He's right here on my back... see him??" 

Occasionally his imagination continues at bedtime.  He will sometimes call us into his room because there are "Spiders in his bed" or something like that.  He has had an occasional "bad dream" but nothing too bad... Hopefully his imagination will stick around only during the day. :)

It's so fun to see how his playing has changed and to see more and more of his personality coming out.

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