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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Spider-Man at Castaway Play Cafe

The other night we went to the Castaway Play Cafe for their character dinner with Spider-Man.  They have  a character meal about once a month.  It costs $8 for Sam which includes entrance to the play structure and bounce area, a piece of pizza, drink, cupcake, and time with Spider-Man.  Adults are free, but can buy separate food.

Sam had fun playing while we were waiting for Spider-Man to arrive...

Spider-Man arrived and brought out the pizza for all the kids (there were about 8 kids there).  Sam was very impressed and loved talking to Spider-Man.  He was asking him about Green Goblin and if he was Peter Parker and showing him how to fling webs.

Spider-Man was great and came around to each table to talk to the kids as they were eating. 

When everyone finished eating Spider-Man climbed through the play structure and bounce houses with the kids.  He paid special attention to Sam since he was younger and smaller than the other kids.  I appreciated that, and Sam felt very special.

After playing, everyone went back for cupcakes which Spider-Man passed out.  Spider-Man was out visiting and playing with the kids from about an hour.  It was plenty of time for everyone to get pictures and get individual time talking with Spider-Man.

Sam loved it and was sad to see Spider-Man leave, but is sure we will see him again soon!

(Sam has met Spider-Man once before...Click here to see it)

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