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Saturday, September 28, 2013

The One Where Sam Gets Stitches

I have to start out this post with a happy picture of Sam. :)
Earlier this week, I went to pick up Sam from daycare and see him sitting on his daycare provider's lap with a washcloth on his forehead... Just a couple minutes earlier Sam had gone down the slide (not the one pictured above) and another little boy went down right behind him and knocked Sam down at the bottom.  Sam fell and hit his head at the bottom of the slide and had a gash on his forehead. 
It seemed to have stopped bleeding, Sam wasn't crying anymore, but I couldn't get a good look at it to see how deep it was and wasn't sure if it would need stitches.  I decided to drive to Urgent Care to have them check it out.  Brad met us there and we got back to see the doctor pretty quickly. 
Sam was so good at the doctor.  He sat on the table and let the doctor clean up his cut and we all got a good look at it.  We decided since it was pretty deep and right on the hairline (impossible to keep a Band-Aid or butterfly bandage on it) stitches would be the best option. 
The doctor made Sam a balloon with a surgical glove, which Sam thought was hilarious. 
The doctor gave Sam a shot of anesthetic (he did cry for about 30 seconds), and then his forehead was all numb.  Sam laid down and the doctor gave him two stitches while two nurses, me, Brad and a sucker distracted him.  Again, Sam was great and stayed still the whole time.
The nurses loved him (of course!) and he got extra stickers and suckers when he was finished.  He's been a trooper though all of this and has been back to his normal self again... running around, laughing, etc.
His hair is greasy since we have to apply Neosporin 3 times a day.
We go back next week to get the stitches taken out.
A couple pictures of his stitches:
(Sam looks pathetic, but mostly because he didn't want to sit still...)  

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