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Monday, November 18, 2013

Luke's Birth Story

Luke was born on Friday, November 15th at 6:19 p.m. 

Earlier that day I had my weekly doctor's appointment (39 weeks).  I went in at 11:00 (I had rescheduled to come in earlier, and there was some confusion when I got there. Luckily they let me see the doctor then even though there was a mistake when they rescheduled the appointment.)  

I was already 5 cm dilated at my 38 week appointment, and at this appointment I was the same.  My blood pressure was a little elevated (probably from the confusion with the appointment change) and the doctor thought it was time to intervene a little to get things moving a little faster.  She told me to arrive at the hospital at 2:00, and they would break my water.

I went to my mom's house and got things settled before heading to the hospital.  Sam went to play with Sandy, Joel, Ellen, Luke and Michael.  Brad, my mom, Brad's mom and me headed to the hospital at 2:00.

Getting checked in and registered took forever.  I had pre-registered, but there were still a million questions to go over.  I got an IV (which was horrible, and hurt badly) and they monitored me for a little bit.  Finally, at 4:30, the doctor broke my water.  I immediately started having contractions about every 5 minutes.  The contraction monitor wasn't working correctly, they were pretty strong, but not registering on the monitor.  At 5:30 the contractions were closer together and very intense so I requested an epidural.

The doctor came in quickly to give me my epidural, which just hurt a little.  The epidural took the pain of the contractions away, but I felt like the baby was coming and felt a lot of pressure.  The doctor added something to the epidural to take the pressure away.  This was about 5:45.  The nurse checked my progress and saw that I was fully dilated and ready to push.

It was a little frantic, but the doctor got everything set up and ready to go and I started pushing after 6:00.  Luke arrived at 6:19.

He was delivered so quickly and was making some funny grunting noises after he was born so the NICU nurses looked at him in the room.  He was a little blue, but warmed up and settled down quickly.
Luke Robert was 7 lbs 11 oz and 21 inches long.

Meeting Luke for the first time, first picture of him.

 The nurses checking him out

 Getting weighed

An hour or two after Luke was born, Sam came up to the hospital to meet his brother.  He was concerned to see me hooked up to all the machines, but enjoyed seeing Luke. 

Baby Luke's footprints 

Footprints on Dad, too! 

First photo as a family of four 

Luke Robert :)

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  1. A beautiful story of a very blessed event! So happy that I could be there. Love to all of you!