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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Superman Halloween

Happy Halloween from Superman Sam!

Sam decided at the last minute to dress up as Superman for Halloween.  He had always said he was going to be Batman for Halloween, but when time came to put on the costume, he didn't want to wear the Batman cape/mask and decided to be Superman.
Sam loved passing out candy to the neighbors.  Some were very lucky and got 5-6 pieces from Sam. :)

We went out trick-or-treating for a few minutes, but didn't say out long because Sam was fighting off a fever and it was a little rainy outside.  But Sam loved walking around and seeing all the costumes and collecting some treats.  He usually remembered to say Trick-or-Treat and Thank you.

He was thrilled to get a few treats.  One neighbor asked him if he wanted some candy, and Sam replied, "No thanks, I already have three pieces."  :)

We were lame and didn't carve pumpkins this year.  With Sam's birthday excitement and him being sick the week of Halloween, we ran out of time and energy (Sorry for being 37 weeks pregnant!).  Sam enjoyed painting the pumpkins instead. :)

Happy Halloween!

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