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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Advent Traditions - December 1

The countdown to Christmas has begun!  

I love the Christmas season and love doing different fun activities with Sam (and now Luke, too!).

Last year, we started an advent tradition of using our Christmas books as our advent calendar.  I gather up 24 Christmas books (ones we already own.. yes, I have more than 24.  It's the teacher in me.) and wrap them up.  I number them 1 to 24, and then we open one each day to count down the days until Christmas.  

Sam thought this was really fun.  It gives us a "new" book to read each day, helps him practice unwrapping presents, identifying numbers, and self-control and patience. Yes, he wanted to open them all today. :)

We also got out our Little People Christmas sets to play with.

Later today, we made a paper chain as another way to countdown to Christmas.

Here are a few pictures of when we set up the tree last weekend.

Happy December!

Stayed tuned for more Christmas/Advent traditions this month. :)

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