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Monday, December 23, 2013

More December Happenings... Christmas Preparations

We've been busy this month of December.  We've been doing lots of Christmas stuff and getting adjusted to a newborn at home.  Here is a random sampling of some things we've been doing.

Luke started taking his baths in the baby tub.  He's usually pretty content in the tub, as long as it is warm enough.

Our Elf, (which Sam has re-named Chippy), has continued to visit us... he brought Sam some super hero ornaments for the tree.

Sam loves all things "Christmas."  His favorite Christmas movies this season are "Curious George: A Very Monkey Christmas" and "Polar Express."  We made our own Polar Express train.

We've also made some collages.  Sam loves glue, so we looked through magazines and cut out fun pictures for Sam to glue on paper.  Easy, yet entertaining craft. 

Sam got an e-mail from Santa and enjoyed watching a video made specially for him from Santa.

Santa can make one for you at: Portable North Pole

We decorated some cookies.  I cheated with the cookies for Sam to decorate and we just used the pre-made sugar cookies. Sam had fun frosting them, but mostly he enjoyed eating the frosting.

Luke is waking up more and more these days and enjoys watching us. 

Sam likes to enjoy "luke warm" chocolate after being out in the cold.

Yesterday, we had a bad ice storm and many people are without power.  Luckily, we have power here at home.  Hope everyone is staying warm!!

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