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Sunday, January 26, 2014

January Happenings

I have been getting braver taking the two boys out by myself.  We've been going out to the store, the library, and trying to do some fun things for Sam.  It's been so cold and snowy this winter - it's easy to just stay inside... but we've been trying to get out a little, so Sam doesn't get too stir crazy.

We went to the mall, and tried out the double stroller for the first time.  Sam fell asleep almost immediately. Mom WIN. Britax B-Ready stroller WIN.
Yes, Britax - you can use this photo for an ad. :)
I wasn't sure how Sam was going to like sitting "underneath" on the stroller... but he loved it.  He could still see everything, had plenty of room, and was comfortable. Luke's carseat snaps right into the top, so it's super easy.  Once Luke is a little bigger, I'll put the regular seat back on and the boys can switch between the two seats on the stroller.

Both boys fell asleep... which means I got to shop a little! 

Sam played at the mall playground.  He thought it was tons of fun and keeps asking to go back.

We've spent a lot of time this month like this too:

Sam cannot get enough of his little brother.

We went to the infant and toddler "Splash and Play" at the Hartland Community Pool.  Huge success! 

 We've been having lots of fun this month and I've been enjoying being home with my two little guys. I go back to work next month, it's going to be a rude awakening for all of us as we will be forced back into a routine.  We are enjoying the flexibility and freedom while we have it!

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